• sustainable resolution

Making Sustainable Resolutions

At the mark of the New Year it is tradition to make resolutions. For some it is to better themselves by quitting smoking or losing weight. This year, we ask you to think about making […]

  • proteins with digestibility

The Importance of Protein Digestibility

Protein is an inextricable component to the human diet. Without proteins, cells would be unable to function properly, our organs  and tissues would not be able to perform their duties, and our bodies would wither […]

  • eating fiber

The Function of Fiber

Fiber is an extremely important of a healthy diet, and unfortunately many modern diets find themselves in short supply of this essential nutrient. Dietary fiber is found in plants and is indigestible, yet enables the […]

  • different types of protein

Comparing Protein Sources

A few decades ago when someone mentioned proteins, thoughts of chicken breast, lean ground beef, and maybe peanuts would enter people’s’ minds. Today, however, visions of protein powders, shakes, bars, and gels are just as […]

  • bowl full of veggies and plant compounds

Plant Compounds and Brain Function

When it comes to creating a whole source of protein, we at Parabel wanted to create a plant-based solution that would promote sustainability to help feed our growing population. We certainly set out to provide […]

  • woman feeding her muscles with green juice

Feeding Your Muscles

It’s no surprise that muscles play an extremely important role in our lives. They allow us to make large and small movements with our bodies, and even movements we make unconsciously, such as our heartbeat […]